December 26th, 2007

Conrunner Kevin

Back Online

I am back at a computer for the first time since I left California on Friday afternoon, working from my father-in-law's home for this slow holiday week. A stupendous amount of e-mail has backed up over the past four days. If you've sent me something since then, don't expect a quick answer, as I expect it will take all of today just to work my way through the backlog.

It's been a sort-of White Christmas here in Mehama. I say sort of because we're right on the edge of the snow line, so the precipitation has been what weather maps show as "mix" -- sometimes wet snow, sometimes freezing rain. Snow sticks a little bit on grassy areas, but not paved or gravel ones, and after a while, it warms up just enough that the snow changes back to cold rain and starts to melt the snow. But slushy snow isn't much fun, and freezing rain is worse, so we've spent most of the Christmas weekend indoors. If I find time, I'll post some back-dated entries talking about it.
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