December 29th, 2007

Kevin and Lisa

Late Start

It's not easy to get much done in a day when you get started as late as we did today. For a while we considered trying to put up the shelter over the van, as there was a sort-of break in the rain (not for long, though), but by the time that happened we figured we might have had 90 minutes of daylight left, which wasn't enough. We instead went into town (Stayton, then Salem) looking for bits of hardware Lisa has been trying to find, and for some storage boxes from Office Depot, so that she can tidy things up a bit. We also remembered to buy replacement wipers for the Vanagon, the need for which was dreadfully obvious when we went for a drive when it was snowing a few days ago. A few groceries on the way home and that was about it. Maybe tomorrow we'll get up earlier, and if the rain relents sufficiently, we can get the shelter erected.

We found a company relatively near us here called West Coast Metal Buildings that builds shelters that look a bit like what we would like. (Such as, say, this one.) However, we didn't try contacting them over the holiday, and Lisa is uneasy trying to negotiate with them unless I'm here. The prices they have up on sample buildings outside their facility don't seem unreasonable, but the cost of something we actually want may be more than we can afford.

Lisa sent me over to her father's house so I could check my mail, but I was also to be useful, by taking her newly purchased 250GB hard drive and the one she got a few days ago, connecting them to one of my two laptops on USB 2.0 connections (her T30 has only the older, slower USB), and copying all of the files from the old drive onto the newer one. That took nearly an hour even so.

Lisa does have a PCMCIA card with a USB 2.0 connection on it, but PC cards make her nervous, due to the part that sticks out of the computer looking way too much like a lever that could break off the computer's board inside. What she'd prefer is a PC card extension, whereby you could plug a card into the PCMCIA slot and run a cable out to an external connection for additional PC cards. I figured there must be something like that out there, given that USB external multi-port hubs are common, but we've not found one in stores, and my Google-fu has failed me on trying to find such a thing.
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Spot that City

From smofbabe we pass along an interesting geography quiz. I got to level 10 of 12, and about 44000 points (you need at least 50000 to move to the next level), mainly after getting into trouble with needing to identify a number of African nations very quickly. I'd done pretty well up until then, and was surprised to see that the quiz considered Calgary and Winnipeg to be "hard."