Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Westercon 74 Hotel Update

Today I learned that the Belvada Hotel in Tonopah is now taking reservations for stays starting at the end of this month. This is the Mizpah Hotel's sister property, and is the closest hotel to the Tonopah Convention Center. It's not huge (neither is the Mizpah, even when you throw in the ten budget rooms at the Mizpah's Old Brewery Hostel). Because I expect to probably be in Tonopah for at least two weeks (the two weeks bracketing July 1-4, 2022), I anticipate taking one of the kitchenette rooms in the Belvada if possible.

When Lisa and I feel safe doing so, we plan to go to Tonopah and stay at the Belvada, taking lots of pictures, of course.

The Belvada and Mizpah rooms are apt to be the most expensive rooms in our mix, but there are other rooms available not a lot farther away. The Jim Butler Inn & Suites is about the same distance (actually slightly closer by the route I expect most people will take), and just a few hundred feet south on Main Street is the largest of the "downtown" hotels, the Best Western Hi-Desert Inn & Suites.

If you went to the 2014 Worldcon in London, you'll remember the ExCel Convention Centre. All of the hotels and the Tonopah Convention Center would fit inside the ExCel with room to spare, albeit that the Mizpah and Belvada are tall enough that they'd stick out of the ExCel's roof. After that, you need to go a bit father afield. My personal walking tolerance (which includes either sidewalks or paved road shoulders) would include the Clown Motel (0.5 mi / 0.9 km), and possibly the Tonopah Station (1.1 mi / 1.7 km). I've walked from the Tonopah Convention Center to both of those. Beyond those, there are two more good-sized motels north of downtown, but I'd expect them to be "commuter" locations, primarily due to the lack of sidewalks: the National 9 (0.8 mi / 1.3 km, but no easy walking route) and the Comfort Inn (1.1 mi / 1.7 km, but again, no easy walking route).

Incidentally, if you use Google Street View to look for the Comfort Inn in Tonopah, be aware that the current views (as I look at them today) are from several years ago before the hotel was rebuilt and reopened as a Comfort Inn.
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