Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Mask Up for Tonopah

Among the various bits of merchandise available from Westercon 74 through our Zazzle store are 2-layer washable cotton face masks. Zazzle runs lot of sales, but they had one particularly good one a few days ago that led us to buy four more of the white Westercon masks, which arrived a couple of days ago. The instructions said to wash them before first use, and the one I did have was overdue for a run through the washing machine anyway. (I've been hand-washing it, though.)

Westercon 74 Masks

The instructions say not to machine-dry the masks, so I hung them up to dry. The four on the left are the new ones. They're slightly larger than the one on the right that I bought a few months back. They're from the same manufacturer, and they've shifted from US-made to Mexico-made-with-US-materials.

As you can see, the one on the right has gotten a bit dingy due to continued use. Even without the fact that it protects large particles from getting far from me, I get the impression that it's reducing larger particulate matter from what I inhale.

Having multiple masks makes it easier for me to put one in to wash while not going without one myself. I wish we could buy one for every member of Westercon 74, but the volume discounts just aren't high enough to make that viable. Although we do hope that the COVID-19 vaccine is broadly distributed and used, so we can safely hold Westercon 74 in person in Tonopah in 2022, we will never criticize people for wearing a face covering in the future, and we hope you will not do so, either.
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