Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Shopping Fail

As much as we dislike doing our grocery shopping on weekends, and especially on the final weekend before Christmas, a variety of factors conspired to oblige us to do so today. (The worst of which was waiting all day yesterday for a UPS delivery that never came, thus wasting my every-other-Friday off.) So this morning, relatively early (between 8 and 9 AM), we headed for Reno with a long list of shops to visit.

Cost Plus World Market is offering 20% off for curbside delivery, so this morning I put in an order with them — the first time I've done such an order. I figured that by the time we made all of our other stops, they probably would have our pickup order ready.

We first stopped at a Nevada Vacuum on Virginia Street (across the street from World Market, as it happens) because the drive belt on our vacuum cleaner snapped a few days ago. Fortunately, they had the part. We were very impressed with how carefully they were masking up and disinfecting all surfaces.

We then went to Winco Foods and then down to Raley's, where I also had an errand at the Chase branch in the same parking lot. The stores had a fair number of people in them, but not as much as we had feared, and it was still relatively early.

We still hadn't gotten the text message from World Market telling our order was ready, so we didn't hurry as we headed back up Virginia Street. Our normal shopping runs these days are arranged to end with Raley's because we've discovered that Veterans Parkway around the east side of Reno/Sparks is a nicer drive than dealing with I-580/US-395 to the (rather misnamed in our opinion) "Spaghetti Junction" with I-80. However, with that pickup order in mind, we'd rearranged the stops.

Home Depot did not have the one thing for which we were looking, but did have something relatively unexpected: US-made extension cords. Lisa bought two of them. At Whole Foods, we returned some empty dairy bottles from Strauss Family Creamery (best eggnog ever), and picked up a few things that we've not been able to get elsewhere.

Not being able to put it off any longer, we went to World Market as our final stop, but we still had not received a pickup message. I went inside and they could not find my order. Going back out to the van, and after much wrestling with the phone, I determined that somehow the order had not gone through. Nothing we had on the order was critical, and it was now after 1 PM and the stores were getting uncomfortably crowded for us, so we decided to just go home.

After we got home and unloaded all the stuff we did manage to buy, I checked, and sure enough: while I'd entered my credit card information and it had been validated, there was one final "confirm order" step that you have to do and that I hadn't done. I've never done this sort of order before, and having to confirm the order twice wasn't something I expected. Next time I will know better.

After going through what we did get, Lisa determined that there are a small number of other things that she'd like to get for Christmas dinner that we missed this time. If we decide that we can manage a trip on Tuesday after work, I'll put that World Market order again, making sure it's confirmed and that I have an order number that I will print on paper this time, and we'll try one last crack at Reno before the holiday. And if I'm lucky, Whole Foods Market will receive another shipment of Strauss eggnog, too.
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