January 10th, 2008

Manga Kevin

No FurCon For Me

My company is holding a multi-day management meeting in South Lake Tahoe that starts (including scheduled travel days) the Monday of Further Confusion. After discussing it with Lisa, it looks like she'll drive to Reno the previous Friday, I'll fly to Reno from Oakland, and we'll spend the weekends before and after the meeting in Reno. She's fully aware that I'm not going to be in all-day-long (7:30 AM through dinnertime) meetings on Tuesday-Thursday, and that she'll be pretty much on her own all day those days.

I guess it's just as well that I didn't buy a FurCon membership in advance.
Kevin Talking

A Different Electoral Poll

Cheryl passes along to me Electoral Compass USA, a different candidate-matching survey from the one that was going around a few days ago. I ended up with nearly the same candidate preference, though.

Of course, these things are much too simplistic to be used to pick the person for whom you'll vote, but they may point in the direction of candidates who may share views you support, and who you can research more closely to see it they're the one for you.