February 7th, 2008

Hugo Sign

Busy Elsewhere

I haven't had much to say here today, but to make up for it, I posted fifteen entries to hugo_recommend, one for each of the basfa Hugo and Campbell Award recommendations, starting here.

Tomorrow, I leave at Noon and head for Oregon, where I will spend next week. Lisa called a little while ago. She's in the Central Valley of California tonight near Firebaugh, and she and I will rendezvous in either Vacaville or Dunnigan depending on how she's feeling tomorrow, and then we'll convoy north from there. She says she's sorry she didn't bring the tow-bar for the pickup truck; if she had done so, we could have towed her truck with my van -- it has a 5,000-pound towing capacity -- instead of convoying. But given that she sleeps in the camper-shell of the truck when she's traveling, having the tow-back there during the rest of the trip would have been inconvenient.