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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

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Departure Delays
Thanks to careful first aid, my arm is no worse than it was last night after I injured it. I do have a spreading bruise on my right leg where I landed on it as well, though.

I'd originally planned to leave Mehama at noon today, but we need to run in to town and buy more bandages and first aid supplies, partially to refill Lisa's stock that I used last night and partially for my use for the next few days as I keep my right arm under wraps. Once we get back from Stayton, I'm heading for Central Point, so I'll be off-line until then at least.

Current Mood: chipper
Spot the Railfan
This afternoon, Lisa and I had just come back from shopping in Stayton and were preparing to unload Lisa's stuff and get my luggage from the trailer when I heard a locomotive horn in the distance. "I heard a train!" I said.

Lisa hadn't heard it, but she had been busy inside the old house. I said, "Jump back in the van; let's go see if we can catch it." Lisa agreed, grabbed her camera, and we hopped into the van and motored.

More train talk, photos, and video behind the cutCollapse )

Having played with trains, we went back over to the house, finished unpacking her stuff, loading my luggage, and fueling the van from the farm fuel tank. I then said goodbye and headed south.

Current Mood: pleased
Slow Progress
I really dawdled on the trip south, taking some seven hours to drive only about 240 miles, including a one hour meal stop at Tolly's Restaurant in Oakland. I was introduced to this place by my old friend Rick Hallock, and I try to stop here whenever my schedule fits doing so.

The Holiday Inn Express Central Point is a nice enough place, but the room doesn't have a refrigerator (I've come to expect them in HIX properties), and the heating/cooling unit doesn't have a "fan only" setting. I do appreciate that internet is available in both wired and wireless versions. Having got checked in and the train photos uploaded, I'm going to eat dinner and watch one of the rugby matches I downloaded on Friday.

Current Mood: tired
Rugby Bear
Speaking of rugby: last weekend, I downloaded some other matches, and Lisa suggested that I watch one in the evening back "home" in the trailer. I don't need an internet connection for that as long as I first launch the video while connected to the internet so I can establish rights to the file. Anyway, as I was watching a game last week, she decided that Kuma Bear was interested in rugby, too.

Kuma Bear photo behind the cutCollapse )

Lisa isn't terribly interested in sports, but she says that Kuma is.

Current Mood: amused

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