February 24th, 2008

Conrunner Kevin

On My Way

I'll be checking out of the hotel soon. This HIX is a lovely little property, although I would have wished for a refrigerator for the quart of milk I bought last night. The breakfast room was spacious and comfortable, and the staff here have been very friendly. Makes me wish I was staying for more than one night; however, I must be going.

Road conditions over the summit are "snow flurries, carry chains." The web-cams show snow on the ground but not on the pavement. With luck I should be able to get over the mountains without too much trouble, but certainly not as quickly as I would in dry conditions.
Kreegah Bundalo

Home At Last

Including an hour for lunch in Redding, diverting to visit my grandfather and mother in Sutter, stopping in Yuba City to refuel and talk to Lisa for about 45 minutes, and stopping to pick up groceries on the way home, it took me just short of twelve hours to drive approximately 500 miles between Central Point and Fremont.

Unfortunately, I simply didn't exercise enough after lunch, and I ate too much, with the result being a 209 blood sugar an hour later, and even more troubling, a 200 reading an hour after that. (Usually if I get a >200 spike like that, it will come back to normal an hour later.) One more hour later it was down to 141, which at least meant it was finally retreating to normal. Exercising while traveling is tricky.

Siskiyou Pass was no problem at all -- no rain or snow, wet pavement in spots. It was Black Butte Summit south of Weed that was troubling. The clear weather out of Oregon turned into rain and then snow around Weed Airport, and the wind gusts over Black Butte Summit (almost as high as Siskiyou). It was snowing heavily at Mt. Shasta City, where I stopped briefly. Snow continued until well south of Dunsmuir. Fortunately, it never got heavy enough for chain controls to come back on. (Chains had apparently been required earlier in the day.)

Now I must eat a small bit -- not a lot, in light of my blood sugar incident earlier today -- and get some sleep, because I have multiple conference calls tomorrow, and I can't work from home all day, as there is stuff I must collect from the office.