March 5th, 2008

Kreegah Bundalo


Just as my arm is healing up, I find myself coming down with a cold. I can work from home, which will save a day of PTO, but I'm definitely not at 100%.
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Fan Hugos

At SF Awards Watch we have closed the "Pros in the 'Fan' Hugo categories" poll. The results show that 62% of the 151 people who expressed an opinion want the 'fan' categories left as is, while 11% are for scrapping the categories entirely. The remaining 27% voted for one of the various ways of changing things.

That 62% want things left as is comes from combining the "Yes, anyone can be a fan" (42%) and "Leave it up to the voters" (20%) answers. These both have the net effect of "no rule change," but take different approaches to get there.

This can be spun in different ways: "Nearly two-thirds of respondents think fan categories should be left as is," or "Over one-third of respondents unhappy with fan Hugos." The latter is why we probably here so much complaining about those categories in particular. A significant minority* are unhappy with the fan categories in some way. As it happens, they're unhappy for different and sometimes radically opposed reasons, but they're still unhappy. And they do complain. Still, if this poll (which is not scientific!) has any relationship to WSFS Business Meeting fandom, it means that we could see a proposal for changes of some sort in the fan Hugos, and that it would end up being debated, but probably wouldn't have the votes to pass.

*A "significant minority" is defined in Robert's Rules of Order as "more than one third" because it can block the debate-quashing motions, in particular the dreaded Objection to Consideration.