March 21st, 2008

Pensive Kevin


This weekend has not been good for my blood pressure. I'll be happier tomorrow when we have Match Game SF behind us.

As I had nothing scheduled this morning, I didn't set an alarm. My body woke me up at exactly 8 AM anyway, despite not having got to bed until after 1 AM this morning.
Hugo Sign

Hugo Award Nominations

In the rather unlikely event that you haven't seen the announcements already, the Hugo Award Nominations have been released. (It was a little slow to load when I looked a few minutes ago, which is not that surprising. You can get the information from the official Hugo Awards web site and other locations as well if you haven't seen them yet.)

There are a number of nominations with which I'm very pleased, including one -- Phil Foglio for Best Professional Artist -- who has been been holding down a place on my nominating ballot for years now, and who I'm pleased enough other WSFS members decided was worth honoring. I hope to be able to congratulate him in person here at Norwescon.

Speaking of Norwescon, I've sent along a copy of the nominations to the editor of the Norwescon newsletter (solarbird) for inclusion in the next issue, for the benefit of those people who aren't huddled in their hotel rooms over computers during the convention.
Match Game SF

Match Game Lite

Baring some last-minute miracle, Lisa will probably not be attending Norwescon this year. (Update: I just got an e-mail from her father saying that she's leaving Mehama about now (3 PM or so) and may actually be here this evening; it will be a close thing, given the travel time from Mehama to Seattle.)

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If by some odd chance anyone who is at Norwescon today is reading this, I could really use some help during set-up and during the game itself. We'll be in Olympic 1, and you'll have my undying gratitude and (eventually) one of the staff badges from the show.