March 22nd, 2008

Match Game SF

All Right on the Night

Despite my misgivings, everything worked out very well for our show. Lisa arrived about an hour or so before the show, and was fortunately able to find a parking space (a wonder on a Friday evening at this hotel -- even more amazing is that it's close to our room). We were able to get our stuff moved to the Olympic room and get the show set up. There was a bit of confusion with panelists, and some last-minute fill-ins, but everything really went very well. I think everyone had a good time, and we gave away lots of prizes. Lisa even videotaped it all. At some point I hope to cut the material together and post some of it, but not tonight.

After the show ended, Lisa and I went and got a bite to eat, brought it back to the room, and moved the video off the video sticks onto the hard drives so she'll have room to use it on Saturday. Now we must get some sleep. We're both very tired.

Great thanks to everyone who came together to make the show a success!
Match Game SF

Match Game Photos

I did not have time to clean up any of the photos from Match Game SF, but I've placed a bunch of them on Flickr in their raw unprocessed state. Unfortunately, due to the relatively small room (for which I do not criticize Norwescon -- indeed, I'm amazed they were able to set up the two-tier seating at all), photos of the people in the lower tier of seats didn't come out that well, and every photo I had that included jaylake had an audience member blocking the view. Still, given how Jay was looking last night, maybe that's for the better.