March 23rd, 2008

Conrunner Kevin

As Others See Us

Noted in the newspaper over breakfast Saturday morning: this story from the Seattle P-I reporting on Norwescon. The online version doesn't seem to include the photo of a couple of people in costume playing Texas Hold-Em in the game area. (There's been a hold-em tournament running over the weekend, with the prize being a membership to next year's convention.) But the online version has a comment that claims that at least a couple of years ago men outnumbered women 200-1, which is pretty silly (1-1 would be probably pretty accurate), but was also clearly written by someone with little knowledge or understanding of the scene.
Kevin and Lisa

Winding Down Norwescon

Rain this morning makes walking to the nearby cheaper-and-better-than-the-hotel restaurant an annoying prospect, but I'm not allowed to skip breakfast. Lisa's ear is still paining her, although possibly not quite as bad as a couple of days ago when she almost didn't come to the con at all. We're off to get breakfast and then pack up the room. Thanks to Lisa being able to make the trip, I can travel back to California considerably less loaded down.
Kevin and Lisa

Checking Out

I probably could get a delayed check-out if I worked at it, on the grounds that I'm in the staff block and -- for the last time before it expires -- a Hilton Silver VIP. However, we have the Vanagon handy and I have no commitments, so we'll just pack things into Lisa's vehicle until I have to leave for the airport around 3 PM. However, I will probably be off-line now until I get back to California this evening.
Pointless Arrow

Missed It By That Much

My flight from Seattle to Oakland was on time, my luggage didn't take excessively long to come off the belt, and there was an AirBART bus waiting at the curb (although it took a while before it left). Unfortunately, my Capitol train was pulling out just as the bus was crossing the overpass approaching the BART station, so I had to take BART and a taxi home. Oh, well, now I have a spare one-way ticket to use up to the airport sometime, so it won't go to waste.
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