April 1st, 2008

Pensive Kevin

No Foolin'

I have items that would be appropriate for posting today, but I'm simply too busy with my current project and trying to juggle other commitments that I can't spend the time it would take to craft the entry properly. So while I may post something else here today, I promise -- no April Foolery from me.

(I can't promise anything about other news elsewhere that mentions my name. My writ only runs as far as the edge of this LJ.)
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What is a Fanzine?

I pointed at this posting on SF Awards Watch yesterday, but I think it bears repeating because the comments have gotten into something I thing interesting, and that is the question of "What is a fanzine?" When I suggested that individual blog posts could be considered as "issues" of a fanzine, one person said that she wouldn't even consider a particular fanzine that has won multiple Best Fanzine Hugo Awards (not counting those won by its editor and primary writer) as actually being a fanzine at all (presumably it's not a semiprozine, either, but that's neither here nor there for this purpose). I'm intrigued by this; it shows just how subjective the definitions are.

Comments are again disabled becuase the discussion is better done over there IMO.