April 6th, 2008

Giants Fanatic

Giants Tickets Available

I now know which tickets from my season-ticket share I cannot easily use. I'm offering them at face value of $33 each. This is a pair of tickets. Each ticket costs $33. If you want to buy both tickets on a given date, it would cost $66 for the two tickets. The seats are Lower Box 135, Row 13, Seats 9 and 10.
  • Friday, May 9, 7:15 PM vs. Phillies

  • Thursday, May 15, 12:45 PM vs. Astros

  • Monday, June 16, 7:15 PM vs. Tigers
First offer gets them; we can work out payment and delivery off line.

Update, 22:20: In response to privately received feedback, I went back and tried to make it clearer that these are a pair of tickets on three separate dates, and that each ticket costs $33.