April 21st, 2008

Kevin Sketch

Visit From the Far Isles

This evening Cheryl and I collected clothsprogs and Tom from the Fremont BART station and came back to the apartment before taking them off to tonight's BASFA meeting. Cheryl, alas, was not able to come along to BASFA because of pressures of work that probably will keep her from even being able to attend Costume-Con this weekend.

It was a fairly typical BASFA meeting, and that means that Teddy and Tom fit right in with the general lunacy. At Cheryl's suggestion, I proposed that Teddy and Tom be appointed BASFA Ambassadors to the Far Isles, and this was adopted with a minor amendment that will turn up in the BASFA minutes.

I've agreed to take them down to the Doubletree Hotel on Thursday afternoon and to the Winchester Mystery House tour as well, which is not really a problem, as there's lots of room in my van and I'm going down there on Thursday anyway. I'm not moving in to the hotel until Friday morning. If I weren't running an area -- site selection -- with Cheryl now not being able to go, I would have been very tempted to commute, but duty calls.

Indian Cricket

Thanks to Cheryl's Bad Influence (TM), we have subscribed to the new Twenty20 Cricket Indian Premier League coverage through Willow TV. Cheryl writes about it starting here and continues in subsequent postings. This message, however, isn't really about cricket, but is about the Indian TV ads that run between overs. Among them is the most charming series of ads about a cute little girl and her helpful little pug dog. A bit of Google turns up the long form of the commercial:

The ads on the cricket are one of three cut from among the scenes in this long-form ad. I'm sure they'll grow old as the season progresses, but for now they are very cute.