April 25th, 2008

WSFS Captain 1

Off to the Races

I'm leaving for Costume-Con in a few minutes. Had a bit of a panic this morning when a report I needed to print ran the printer out of paper and I hadn't remembered to go get more paper a few days ago, so I had to dash out and buy a ream.

Fortunately, I don't have to open site selection until 3 PM today, but I still have to think of around 45 minutes to get down to the Doubletree, and more time to get moved in, registered, etc. And I must not forget to eat something, because I do nobody any good if I get sick from hypoglycemia.
WSFS Captain 2

Costume-Con Move-In

I got to the Doubletree without incident and snagged one of the better parking spaces. (Which means of course that I am trapped and cannot drive away without losing my prime space.) Just as I was checking in, jbriggs, who is my deputy in Site Selection, found me, and helped me move into my hotel room. He went off to see about our Site Selection table while I unpacked and donned my WSFS uniform. I then wheeled the Site Selection material down to the desk, stopping to collect a cash box. We were ready to go by the published schedule time of 3 PM, but there wasn't exactly a gang of costume SMOFS waiting to vote. In fact, we didn't take any ballots until just after 5 PM.

I had picked up a sandwich from Subway on the way to the hotel, and was able to eat it while not fighting off voters with sticks. Alas, my blood sugar is high again -- 198. Not being able to go for a walk right after eating is taking a toll on me. Next week I resolve to get out and walk more often.

My location here should be pretty good for seeing the convention go past me. I've already taken a few photos, but I've left the camera-to-PC connector up in the room so I can't post them.
WSFS Captain 3

Lots of Photos, No Time

It's been a fun evening here at the CC26 social, with its Victorian Underwear theme. I mainly hung around the photo backdrop and took lots of photos. I haven't had time to properly process them (and in particular to rotate the majority of the photos that I took in portrait direction) because I appear to have dropped the ball and left a small number of mailed-in CC29 site selection ballots at home, so now I have to drive back to Fremont and get them. Better to do it late at night like this when traffic is light and I'm more likely to get a parking space when I return.

Anyway, here are the mostly unprocessed photos from Friday including a bunch of photos from the fan-dance revue's big finale. Oh, and there's a photo or two of me mixed in as well.