April 26th, 2008

WSFS Captain 4

More From Costume-Con

I have added a few more photos from Saturday afternoon here at CostumeCon to CC 26 Flikr page.

Late last night, I realized to my chagrin that I'd left the only site selection ballot received by mail locked up in my safe box at home. I had to drive back up to Fremont around Midnight to go retrieve it. Of course my prime location parking space was gone by the time I returned, but at least I didn't have to park in the "back 40" parking lot. Costume-Con isn't as large as BayCon and therefore doesn't put so much stress on the parking facilities.

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After breakfast and exercise, I changed into my WSFS uniform and packed things for today. The highlighter in my travel kit had dried out, so I went down to Ops, where Sarah Goodman gave me one of the supply there. Then it was time to bring the Cart o' Stuff down to the Site selection table.

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Having had only one ballot by mail and one on Friday, there was almost nowhere to go but up, and we did eventually have a few people come by and vote, so the large ballot box (suitable for a Worldcon site selection) did not look quite so forlorn and empty.

jbriggs joined me shortly after opening time, but things were generally quiet. I tried getting a few photos of us at work, but our location is so brightly backlit that most of them did not turn out. Eventually with the fill flash on, gil_liant was able to get a photo of us.

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Of course, with only one bid (NJ/NY Costumers Guild, Site TBA), interest in actually voting is slight, so we're not expecting a lot of business except for the hard-core costume SMOFS. I've had several people come up and express an interest in voting until they hear that the voting fee is $10 at which point they balk.