April 27th, 2008

WSFS Captain 3

SF & F Masquerade

There are more photos from Saturday evening in my Saturday photos.

After closing Site Selection, Raven O'Neill helped me take the Cart o' Stuff back up to my room. By then it was close to time for the SF & F Masquerade to open. There was a queue that stretched down the stairs and toward the Dealers' Room entrances, so Raven and I sat down and waited until the queue started to move before heading in to find seats on the wings. Everyone who wanted a seat got one.

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After the first run through, I realized that I hadn't eaten a whole lot since breakfast (although I did have several small snacks throughout the day) and made for the Coffee Garden lest I keel over. Raven had bailed out about 2/3 through the event for similar reasons. I went back upstairs as the ancillary awards were being presented, and stayed through the end of awards. The event ended just about the stroke of midnight, and I and the other half-dozen or so people who had volunteered to help went downstairs to help tape a string of lights to the other stage being used for Sunday's "runway show."

Then it was up to the parties for short while, but it was after 1 AM and I was fading out, as I am now, but I wanted to get these photos online before going to bed, so I went downstairs to use the internet. I'm going to post this and get back upstairs and in to bed.
Kevin and Lisa


Lisa telephoned me while I was sitting in the Masquerade with my phone turned off. She left a message saying, "Tell everyone she wishes she could have been at Costume-Con, but instead I went to the Oregon Electric Railway Museum and spent eight hours working on the railroad. I'm very tired." I'll bet she is. But I'm glad to hear she got out this weekend. The terrible tinnitus she has been fighting has kept her from sleeping a lot, but it comes and goes, and sometimes she's free of the sound for long enough to let her sleep, and therefore can get out and do other things. Tinnitus is a really terrible difficult thing to deal with when there is no obvious cause.
WSFS Captain 4

Future Fashion Show

Photos from the Future Fashion Show on Sunday morning of Costume-Con are now in my CC 26 Sunday collection on Flickr. This was a "runway show" where the usual rules about "no flash photography" do not apply -- "Make the folks feel like they're on the runway in Paris."

At the conclusion of the show, those members of the CC26 committee and staff who were available and interested were invited to take a walk down the runway as well. I placed myself early in the procession, billing myself as "Kevin Standlee, Site Selection; On leave from the White Star Federated Spacelines" so that I could get out of the room and go get Site Selection open in time for our final 1-3 session. But I did pause for a photo with the Protocol Officer.

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Now it's time for jbriggs and me to count the ballots.
WSFS Captain 4

Site Selection Complete

To nobody's surprise, the only bid to file -- from the New Jersey/New York Costumers' Guild -- received a majority of the votes with a preference. There were 29 votes cast, plus one person who paid to vote and walked off without casting his/her ballot.

Now I must go pack things away and get some food.