April 28th, 2008

WSFS Captain 1

Historical Masquerade

I've added a bunch more photos, including those from the Historical Masquerade, to my Sunday at Costume-Con 26 page. Note that not all of those tagged "Historical Masquerade" were actually in the event, but were instead photographed in the scrum outside the hall during the half-time.

There are also new Sunday afternoon photos, including some from the Fursuit Parade.

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After the results of the Historical Masquerade were announced, I stuck around and took some more photos, and started chatting with ala_mokita. He said, "This has been so much fun!" And I agreed soundly. In fact, I've had a wonderful time this weekend, and have been very happy to be one of the four former Worldcon chairs working on the con. (The others are ala_mokita (L.A.con IV), David W. Clark (ConFrancisco), and Tom Whitmore (ConJose, co-chaired with me).) Indeed, we've been part of an all-star crew of conrunners from all over -- mostly, but not entirely, from the West Coast -- that kproche recruited to help make this convention work. I think we did a good job, and I don't just mean us Old Pharts -- everyone working on this convention has been putting forth their best effort, and I think it shows. Heck, I feel slightly guilty, as I've been doing one of the lowest-impact jobs I could, running a site selection with minimal interest. That's one reason I volunteered to go help tape down glow-cable last night after the SF&F Masquerade -- I felt I was actually accomplishing something useful instead of just sitting behind a table composing LJ entries and occasionally collecting a site selection ballot.

I decided to have a late dinner, although it wasn't as urgent as last night, for I did get a late lunch as well today. What these carb-heavy and mis-timed meals are doing to my blood sugar, I shudder to think. Back on the diet tomorrow, I say.

Finally, I got the photos updated and this journal entry written. I'm going to make a brief pass through the party floor, and then get to bed. Tomorrow is a work day, and while I'm not heading home until after the morning rush hours, I can't sleep in, either.
WSFS Captain 3

Home from Costume-Con

I did my final duty as Site Selection Administrator (turned in cash box an expense receipts) this morning and packed out of the hotel, then headed home, where I am now justifying my not taking today as a vacation day. I'm pretty tired, but also very happy. This was one of the most fun conventions I've attended. As I was leaving, I ran across a tired-looking chairman kproche, shook his hand, and told him, "Thank you for reminding me why I volunteer to help run events like this."
Kevin Sketch

Probably More at Meeting CC26

I took Cheryl to SFO this afternoon and saw her safely through Terrorization before heading south toward the BASFA meeting. She called me as I was passing through Mountain View to say they were getting ready to button things up and that all was under control. We have a very light turnout for BASFA tonight -- not surprising because so many people are still down at Costume-Con for the Reanimated Canine Party and the Mouse-kerade. I contemplated going down there after the official BASFA meeting, but I absentmindedly surrendered my parking pass when I left this morning. Parking is $3/hour, but was $7/day to hotel guests, and my pass was good through today. Not wanting to spend any more money on parking, I headed home instead. Besides, I'm very tired and really need to get some sleep.