May 11th, 2008

Kevin and Lisa

Frustrating Weekend

We got most of our errands done, and some of the around-the-property chores complete, but not all of them. But one of my important tasks, which was to get more of Lisa's computers running, ran aground on technical problems that I do not understand.

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I can't say that this was a terribly successful day's work on the computers. We did, however, set up one of the T30s to do a clean install on a drive we think is clean. The installer appears to be doing a low-level format on the drive, however, and it looks like it make take all night. We'll leave it running at her father's house and see what it looks like tomorrow when I come back over here to get to work.

Still, even if none of the computer work I did this weekend was any use, I still have a new 160GB hard drive that I can probably install into one of my two Dell laptops -- assuming I can get a DriveClone run to work on it!