May 16th, 2008

Kevin and Lisa

Departure Plans

Lisa continues to prepare her little pickup truck for the trip to Columbus. We took it out for a spin last night, and while it was mostly okay, a non-functioning turn signal indicator on the dash (the signals themselves worked) led to a couple of hours' work tearing the dash apart and putting it back together again.

The current travel plan is for Lisa and me to leave mid-day Saturday, traveling as a convoy to Bend, Oregon, where I will turn south toward California and Lisa will continue east toward Ohio. I have a hotel reservation at Klamath Falls for tomorrow night, and I'll make the rest of the trip to Fremont on Sunday, where I'll have a full day to travel.

The purpose of this convoy plan is to provide for some back-up should any problems turn up in Lisa's pickup during the first leg of the trip. It will take me only a little bit longer to drive south via the inland route than via I-5, and Klamath Falls is about as far south as I'd originally intended to stop (Medford) in my original plans.

Now I need to hurry up and finish some stuff for work so we can run into Salem (again!) to AAA and pick up some maps for Lisa.
Kreegah Bundalo

Hot, Hot, Hot

Wow, did it ever turn too hot too quickly up here. Even with the air conditioning in the van on full maximum, it still seemed too hot out there today. What I wanted instead of running errands in an overheated Salem, Oregon was to take a siesta. But we stuck with it and got the things Lisa needed for the trip. Now she's packing and I'm finishing up a loose end from work.
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