May 19th, 2008

Kevin and Lisa

Crossing Wyoming

Lisa called this afternoon to report today's progress so far. When possible, she's diverting off the interstate and following US-30, partially to save fuel (driving slower without being run over by faster vehicles) and partially to watch the trains on the parallel Union Pacific mainline. She reports that last night she saw the one passenger train that UP dispatchers don't interminably delay -- the UP business train.

Today the starboard fuel tank seems to be feeding most of the time, mainly because it works okay when cruising at low demand.
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Conrunner Kevin

Who Says Paper Mail is Dead?

I walked to the post office this afternoon to collect my accumulated held mail. Even after discarding the various pieces of junk mail, catalogs, and what-have-you, it still made for a hefty little sack to tote home.

And I've now put in the hold order for this coming weekend (Thursday through Memorial Day); I could have probably ignored that one but I don't like mail backing up. And I'll have to put in another one for the first week of June.

No, I'm not spending much time in my apartment this month.
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Wig Wag

A Taste of Colorado

Based on her latest message, I think this was Lisa's route today, sticking to US-30 whenever possible, and dipping briefly into Colorado to stop at Julesburg and call me before heading back onto I-76 and then on to I-80 (or more likely US-30) again. She enthused over finding fuel for only $3.52/gallon, reports that the off tank still runs most of the time, and because of the time she lost dinking around Salt Lake City yesterday, she has not been able to stop and take as many train pictures as she would like, but she has been admiring UPs rail operations along their multi-track "raceway."