May 27th, 2008

Kreegah Bundalo


I find that I do not really like being crammed into a CRJ900 on a long flight in the non-reclining last row of the plane. The exit row on the 757 between SLC and OAK was much nicer, even on a completely full flight.

I'm home, tired, about to fall into bed and dreading having to go to work in the morning. It's not MARCon's fault that there aren't a lot of good flights back to Oakland.
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No Escape From the Head Table

I have accepted an invitation from the Chairman of this year's WSFS Business Meeting, Donald Eastlake III, to be Deputy Presiding Officer and Parliamentarian. I may therefore need to be somewhat less vocal in my specific arguments on issues that may come before the meeting on account of there being a chance that I might have to rule upon them. That won't stop me from helping people draft proposals, however, as that's part of my job description, you might say.
Kevin and Lisa

In Case You Were Wondering...

...No, Lisa hasn't gotten lost. She didn't bother calling last night because she knew I was cooped up inside of airplanes, and while she called three times today, for some reason Google Maps is crashing the browser on my work machine, so I could not map things out and therefore didn't post anything. The current progress map is only approximate, as I didn't get all of the subtleties of her route heading back, and she detoured onto US-30 less often on account of feeling time pressure. She did remark on some good train-spotting opportunities, including One That Got Away -- she was a few seconds late getting to the good vantage point, and in the end the few seconds it takes for the camera to boot up meant she was too late for the action shot.

She'd really like to get home by late Wednesday to have one full day in Mehama to do laundry and change vehicles before I fly up on Friday morning. Now that she's clear of Tornado Alley, and the weather is not so oppressively hot and humid, she's making good progress and may just make that goal.
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