May 30th, 2008

Kreegah Bundalo

Creak, Groan

I have managed to drag myself out of bed and must now get moving on the first stage of my trip to Oregon. My train leaves at 7:09 from Centerville, so I have just about an hour before I must leave the apartment in order to walk over to the station.

In retrospect, there are things I wish I'd left in Oregon on my last trip so I wouldn't have to carry them with me today.
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Kevin and Lisa

Long Day's Travel to Seaside

To review: I took Friday off from work and flew to Oregon. We are going to the Sea-Pac amateur radio festival in Seaside, Oregon. We try to go to this event every year, partially because Lisa likes browsing all of the vendors and partially because we're fond of Seaside.

Travel today was pretty hassle-free. I caught the train from Fremont/Centerville without incident, AirBART was waiting for me, and checking my luggage was no problem. I even had time to get a breakfast burrito from the airside vendor and to finish it before they called my flight. It was another CRJ700, but tolerable for the 90 minutes or so up to Portland.

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After our nice evening walk, it was back to the hotel for a little party, about which I'll write separately later.
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