June 1st, 2008

Kevin and Lisa

Checking Out the Pinball

Lisa and I both love pinball. Seaside has an arcade with a row of pinball machines. Every single one of which, it appears, is broken. Sometimes the break is obvious -- ball won't pop out or something like that. Other times it's more subtle, with targets that won't trip and so forth. We love pinball, but we hate broken machines.

After we check out this morning and make a quick pass through Sea-Pac to see if our call signs came up on the hourly door-prize drawings, we are heading for Long Beach, Washington, where there is a Pinball Palace full of lovingly-maintained pinball machines. This is sufficient for us to go a hundred miles out of our way driving back to Mehama in order to play them.

Incidentally, one of the things they do at Sea-Pac that would cause SF conrunners to get the vapors is their membership badges. The "badge" here is a piece of cardstock with the current year logo on it. As I mentioned, you write your name (and call sign if applicable). The card slip into a plastic pin-back holder. They use the same holders every year. Members are encouraged to drop their holders into a returns box as they leave, so they can be used again next year. I can hear the cries of "security breech" even now.

Mind you, admission to Sea-Pac is only $10.