June 7th, 2008

Kevin and Lisa

Double Dose of Portland

Because my flight out of PDX tomorrow is at 2:50 instead of my more-typical late-evening flight (it was significantly cheaper), we don't have the luxury of stacking errands tomorrow, and therefore had to run up as far as Beaverton today to get some things Lisa wanted.

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While I was composing this entry, Lisa came over to report that the 16GB memory stick didn't seem to show any more video capacity than the 8GB stick in the camera. Checking Sony's web site, we find that both the 8GB and 16GB sticks are listed as "no compatibility" with the DSC-H2 camera, although she filled up 8GB sticks on our trip to Japan. I sent an e-mail to Sony's tech support. We're thinking it's possibly that the incompatibility is that you can't write a file larger than 4GB to the stick, although it may be able to hold multiple files up to the capacity of the stick as long as none of them exceed 4GB. That means she'd simply have to stop recording for a couple of seconds while recording a long business meeting in order to start a new file, but that shouldn't be a hardship. Fingers crossed that it will work, or it's $200 worth of memory stick wasted.
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