June 13th, 2008

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Something New Every Day

I headed up to The City this afternoon, suffering through the slow BART service through the fire-damaged area with which we have to live until August or so. Because I hadn't got away as early as I'd wanted, I figured I should go ahead at pay the $1.25 MUNI fare to catch a streetcar down to the ballpark instead of walking. I apparently missed a train by seconds, and it took so long for the next ballpark-bound car to arrive that it may well have been break-even on whether walking would have been faster than riding. There were a lot of people wearing Oakland A's colors who had never done this trip before and were asking for directions on which train to ride, where to get off, and so forth.

I got to the ball park with plenty of time to spare, and picked up my 1980's Giants uniform t-shirt. While I will wear this shirt to future "Orange Friday" games, and while it was sort of fun to see the Giants play in those 1980's uniforms, I am really glad that the team went to a more historical look. Those orange uniforms look like something a company softball team would wear.

I was very happy with my seat in lower box section 127, row 27 -- roughly looking down on the plate of the Giants' bullpen. While the game was officially a sellout, a group of three seats in the row behind me remained empty, and after the third inning I moved there to give myself and the two groups between which I had been sitting more elbow room.

They say you see something new at every ball game, and tonight was no exception. But since many of you reading this are allergic to sports, I'll put it and the link to the video behind a cut.

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There was no particular hurry to get out of the park, so I let most of the crowd get ahead of me. I did walk briskly down the Embarcadero to get the circulation back into my legs and to try and make up for eating things I really shouldn't, like churros. Once again I managed to miss my BART train by nearly the maximum separation, but I wasn't too fussed over it. When changing trains at Lake Merritt, I educated some first-time BART riders heading for San Leandro who had got out of the Dublin-Pleasanton train (as had I, but that's because I needed to transfer to the Fremont-bound train and it's more comfortable to transfer at Lake Merritt than at Bay Fair) because they had misunderstood the driver's instructions and didn't realize that the Dublin-Pleasanton and Richmond-Fremont trains share a line (and all stops) between Lake Merritt and Bay Fair.

I got back to Fremont just before Midnight and headed home. Fortunately for me, I have no appointments to keep tomorrow. There are things I want to accomplish over the weekend, but the goals are small and should be easily achievable.
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