June 15th, 2008

Conrunner Kevin

Making a Virtue of Necessity

Having been unhappy with myself for not getting out more yesterday, I decided to make up for it today. I knew I needed to get some bread and lunch meat for my lunches this coming week, but especially with gas prices being so high, I'm getting more reluctant to drive for small grocery trips if I have no other errands that need doing. So I decided that I would take a little walk. That is, I walked over to the Safeway in Union City, had lunch there at Hometown Buffet (perhaps a bad idea, as the place was backed with Father's Day dinner traffic even at 2 in the afternoon), went to Safeway for the small amount of groceries I needed, and then walked back through Quarry Lakes Park. I made sure that I only bought what I could carry in my small SMOFCon tote bag. Heavier stuff like milk can wait for the next time I'm driving anyway, say on the way back from BASFA tomorrow night or something like that.

My pedometer had more than 11,000 steps on it by the time I got home. I know that pedometer is under-counting, as the route I walked was over 12 km, and my stride is somewhere between three feet and a meter.

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It's nice to know that I could probably walk to the Union City BART station in an hour if I pushed it, or more likely 90 minutes. I bet it would take about the same amount of time to walk to Fremont BART. Possibly sometime I'll test that trip. Now the reckoning comes, though. There are things I really must get done this weekend, and this weekend is almost over and I spent today avoiding work because it was such a nice day out there.