June 22nd, 2008


It Pays to Go Walking, Literally

There are a lot of things I could have been doing this weekend, but I didn't do many of the so-called "productive" things. Instead, I watched a fair bit of sport (F1 Grand Prix, Euro 2008 quarter-finals, Giants blowing a huge lead and losing a baseball game), then packed myself a lunch and walked the long way around Quarry Lakes. It was nearly 10 degrees C (close to 20 F) cooler today than it was yesterday, which was very nice.

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Much to my surprise, while heading down one of the trails after lunch I stumbled across a $10 bill lazily flapping along in the dirt ahead of me. There was no obvious owner nearby, so I pocketed it. I looped around beyond the lakes and back up Alameda Creek, then stopped briefly by the apartment to drop off the aluminum can and bag from lunch. Then I walked down to Shakers Pizza and braced up that Spider-Man pinball machine again. There are still challenges to overcome, but I doubt now that I'll have sufficient time, as this relatively quiet weekend was exceptional. Next weekend, for instance, I need to gear up for Westercon.

I wasn't totally unproductive, though. While watching the F1, I went through the three boxes of Match Game SF material and consolidated it down to two boxes, which will make for easier traveling to Westercon. This week I must try to work out which questions we'll use. It would help if I knew exactly how many games we would be playing and what the subject matter was. And with Costume-Con behind us, I'm now a little short of sponsor goodies for prizes.

The pedometer says I've walked over 8600 steps today, and it usually under-counts. My feet can feel it. Must keep at it. I need the exercise and need to be able to on my feet that much for the summer conventions.