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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Sunday, June 29th, 2008

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Kevin Loses His Mind
SFSFC is bidding to host the 2011 Westercon in San Jose.

Press Release: SFSFC Bids for Westercon 2011Collapse )

Current Mood: excited
Much of this weekend has been taken up with testing and filling in details of the Westercon San Jose in 2011 bid web site. While SFSFC had made the "go" decision about ten days ago, we didn't want to officially announce the bid until we had a web site in place and a way to accept memberships by PayPal. Of course, it's nearly impossible to keep such a secret among a group of eleven people, and things began to leak out, sometimes getting a tad distorted in the process. (This was one reason I firmly denied bidding for a Worldcon a few days ago.) We thought it important to get the word out this week, no later than Monday, before this year's Westercon, as we're planning the official kick-off party there.

A 'lazy' weekend?Collapse )

For all that I got a lot done this weekend, I feel surprisingly lazy, but part of that is trying to save up strength for the trip to Westercon.

Current Mood: accomplished

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