June 30th, 2008

Conrunner Kevin


Headline: Nothing happened to me or anyone close to me.

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I think there was a collision out there last night as well, but I did not go investigate it. There have been numerous accidents at this corner, mostly due to people running the light. Paseo Padre is a high-speed street, with a posted speed limit of 45 but an actual speed much higher, and people run the light there a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if the at-fault driver was talking on a cell phone. On my trip to New Jersey a few months ago, I came close to getting totaled -- possibly killed, I'll have to admit -- when I turned against a left-turn light due to distracted driving. And that was with a hands-free headset. Although I can talk on the two-way radio when driving with little problem, something about talking on the phone draws too much bandwidth.
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Westercon Business Meeting Agenda Available

Thanks to Cheryl, we are able to quickly make the Westercon 61 Business Meeting Agenda available for download prior to Westercon. There's only one pending proposal, but it is complicated and anyone thinking of coming to the Business Meeting in Las Vegas should download and study it, because if history is any guide, trying to explain this "on the fly" is hopeless.