July 1st, 2008

Match Game SF

One Show Added

Assuming everything else comes together, It looks like we're going to do an extra show of Match Game SF Late Night on Friday evening at 10 PM, in Grand Ballroom A, the same room where we're doing the "daytime" version on Friday and Sunday at 1 PM. The intention is to give people a chance to see the fireworks, so we may well end up starting late on this one. Apparently, some of the panelists were talking over the weekend and expressed an interest in doing Late Night, and Westercon programming said "Grand A isn't being used that evening, and it's already set up for it, so why not put it there?"

The "Late Night" version of the show is rated R for explicit language and as opposed to the daytime version which is PG to PG-13 for suggestive language. That means no children in the Late Night version. The panelists are encouraged to be smutty. Me, I'm never portray anyone other than myself, so you take me as I am. But I'm told that's part of my charm. :)

We have more prizes donated, including a gift certificate from Springtime Creations and a second $20 gift certificate from Cargo Cult Books. Whether we will have some of the nicer bonus round prizes in Late Night depends on how many are won on the Friday daytime show, because I need to be certain of having at least six available prizes for Sunday's show, even though we'll only give away four of them.

What we don't have are enough new questions. I'm certainly going to have to recycle questions from the L.A.con IV Late Night version in order to fill up the book on this one.

If you have either main game questions or Bonus Round questions ("Star ______"), send them to me. I'm going to press with the question cards Tuesday evening, because I leave for Las Vegas Wednesday afternoon.