July 4th, 2008

Match Game SF

Making Vegas

We got to Las Vegas only about 90 minutes later than originally planned yesterday, but because this is a pricey, luxury hotel instead of a relatively cheap one, internet access costs $10/day and I therefore did not spend money on it yesterday. If I'd been a couple of seconds faster reacting to something Lisa said as we entered Vegas, we would have arrived at the hotel at least 30 minutes earlier than we did. As we approached the I-215 exit, traffic ground to a halt on I-15. Lisa said to get on to 215 (which is also Clark County 215 in a loop around the city), but by the time I registered that, we were past the exit. We ended up working our long slow way over to the hotel on surface streets.

Logistics this morning are challenging in that I have the Business Meeting at 11:30 and MGSF immediately thereafter, and we'll have to substantially rearrange the room to make it work. I hope the BM lasts only 30 minutes or so. We still need to carry everything for both the BM and the show down at the same time because it takes too long to go up and back to the room.

Speaking of the room, it's huge -- certainly larger than our trailer in Oregon. It has a walk-in closet that we've taken to calling "the storeroom" but that's not so bad given how much stuff we're carrying. If we wanted to do so, Lisa could take a bath in the huge whirlpool tub while I took a shower in the separate shower cubicle.

Knowing we needed to be both fed and exercised, we got up early this morning so we could walk over to the next hotel down the street -- maybe 1500 meters one way according to the step counter -- because they have a breakfast buffet and this hotel does not.

It's definitely hot out there. Even at 7:30 AM we were feeling pretty uncomfortable outside.

Convention attendance is light so far. The newsletter says the population of Westercon City so far is 238 people. It is not necessarily a good thing that I know nearly every person I see here at the convention.

Today is my busiest programming day, with two shows of Match Game SF, a panel, and the Business Meeting. Not sure when I'll be back online today or when we'll have pictures from either the BM or the shows.

I keep telling myself "It will be 'all right on the night,' but there are always so many things that could go wrong.
Match Game SF

So Far, So Good

We had a really good show this afternoon at Westercon. As usual, I stress out, but things come together. We decided that trying to use the ECM-51a microphone under the circumstances was just asking for trouble with tangled cables, so I used a wireless microphone, and Lisa decided that she just couldn't get this particular type of desk microphone to work in the way we'd need to use it (one mic for three people, each at different distances), so the panelists had no amplification. OTOH, the sound effects and music went very well.

We had maybe as many as fifty people -- I forgot to count -- and they all seemed to enjoy themselves. We played four games in about two hours (I'm glad we had extra slop time after). We even managed to give away one of the prizes.

I see that there were other people recording video. Maybe I'll get to see those sometime. Meanwhile, here are some still pictures.

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Now I have to start getting myself together for tonight's "After Dark" show, which will probably start late and run late, but that's okay if everyone's having a good time. It helps a lot that we can leave the stage set mostly in place and don't have to tear everything down after every show.

Westercon Business

The pending bylaw amendment that extended the existing 75-mile exclusion zone into adjacent regions if applicable passed after some debate. A proposal to eliminate the 75-mile zone entirely was referred to committee with instructions to report to next year's Westercon. No other business was introduced, although both the Pasadena in 2010 and San Jose in 2011 Westercon bids made their formal announcements of intent to bid before today's meeting. (Pasadena had filed papers, of course, but had never appeared before a Business Meeting.)