July 19th, 2008

Kreegah Bundalo

Bad Day at O'Hare

...but not as bad as it could have been. I got out to O'Hare with plenty of time to spare, and tried to get standby on an earlier flight. In fact, they did call me up for the flight, but they offered me the middle seat in 2-5-2 seating, and the flight on which I would have flown had been so badly delayed that it seemed like I would be only be flying an hour later in order to keep my Economy Plus aisle seat, so I declined, making the people further down the standby list happy, and went to catch my original flight.

Which was itself delayed over an hour. And then there was a traffic jam on the taxiways to which I could listen on United's "From the Cockpit" channel. Apparently winds got so high that planes couldn't take off from the runways where they were queued. Pilots were complaining to the tower that they'd burned off all of their taxi fuel. At one point, ground control told everyone queued to go west (including us), "shut your engines off and park 'em; nobody's going anywhere." The pilot even told people that they could get up and use the lavatories, and the flight attendants came around giving out water. After another fifteen or twenty minutes, the winds abated and we got under way. I got back to SFO maybe two hours late, and then it was another two hours to get home to Fremont.

Now I am going to do a very minimal unpacking because I have to be up earlier than I would like in order to go to the SFSFC Board of Directors meeting in Felton.


Rather than sleeping in as I wanted to do after getting back so late, I had to be up early so as to be ready to head off to Felton where today's SFSFC board meeting was. We had a fairly low-key, productive meeting that lasted less than two hours. No huge new projects this time to announce; just some incremental stuff that will go up on the SFSFC web site probably tomorrow.

However, tonight an early bedtime is indicated.
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