September 3rd, 2008

WSFS Captain 5

On the Road Again

For the first time since my eyes and ears started playing tricks on me a week ago last Sunday, I drove to my office. I did not use the eye patch, but I had it handy if needed. My eyes sort of tracked together, but it was a significant strain to keep them focused. I made the 25 mile drive to San Mateo without incident. I'm glad, however, that I don't have any long-distance drives planned until mid-October when I'm going up to Oregon, because I really don't want to have to concentrate that hard on simply keeping both my eyes pointing the same way.
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Hugo Trophy

Any Technical Drafters Out There?

As part of my work with the WSFS Mark Protection Committee, I need a nice clean black-and-white line drawing of the rocket that goes on top of the Hugo Award trophy. I don't need an artistic interpretation; I need a techncial drawing, suitable for a service mark application. The drawing needs to be in JPG format, dimensions not more than 250 pixels wide by 944 pixels wide. (A requirement of the US Patent & Trademark Office.) This is something that would document the specific design of the trophy rocket for service mark registration purposes.

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Feel free to circulate this question to anyone you think might be able to help, and put them in touch with me. You can write to me at my LJ handle

Update, 15:30: In case you're wondering, I did first ask Peter Weston. He did not have any technical drawings of the trophy.

Update, 15:45: Wow, what amazing people we have out there! Within a few minutes of posting this, I received one drawing and offers for two more. We'll review them within the committee and with our attorney to find out if they will pass USPTO muster. Thank you all!