September 14th, 2008

Pensive Kevin


While walking to the elevator this morning, I heard a pop-crash sound. Looking down, I saw that my pedometer had jumped off my belt and landed hard on the hard stone floor. It was a total loss. That's a shame. I bought that pedometer in the duty-free shop at Narita Airport just under a year ago, and it's the only one I've had that ever worked reliably. Others either don't seem to count steps well, or tend to reset themselves back to zero unpredictably.
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Conrunner Kevin

Seafood-Stuffed Kevin

This morning we were in no hurry at all to get up. Just after noon, we made our way to the Court of the Two Sisters for their jazz brunch. This was a nice buffet-style brunch, and certainly worth the $28. It was good, not great. But the past few days, we've been spoiled for great food. It might be better to have started with good places and worked our way up to great ones. I had two different omelets; on my second trip, the cook said, "Back again?" I said, "I have low cholesterol; I can have all the eggs I want."

Somewhat to my surprise, despite a huge breakfast, topped off by a slice of pecan pie, my blood sugar an hour later (after an hour walking around the French Quarter with Cheryl photographing things in the better light) was a reasonably 123.
Pensive Kevin

I Guess They Don't Teach Civics or History Anymore

While relaxing over breakfast this morning, I overheard the folks at the table behind me talking politics. One young woman said, "I don't understand this 'Electoral College' thing. What is it?" One of her companions confidently assured her that it all had to do with the Democratic Superdelegates.

I bit my lip and resisted the urge to break in and correct them.

She then asked, "Has anyone ever been elected President from the private sector? You know, like from a real job?" Again, her companion assured her that only career politicians are allowed to run for President and that you have to be a senator or governor or something like that.

I fantasized about saying, "What about Abraham Lincoln? Yes, he served one term in Congress and campaigned for the US Senate years before being elected President, but his 'real job' was as a lawyer in Illinois." I suspect that anyone who would ask a question like that, however, probably wouldn't consider being a lawyer a "real job" for her purposes.

And all of these people are old enough to vote. I fear for my country sometimes.

Quiet Sunday in New Orleans

We spent the afternoon looking around various shops in the French Quarter. Cheryl reports about our day starting here and the subsequent entries. Nothing hugely exciting, but I found it entertaining. Now we need to get showered and prepared for an evening of more jazz. I anticipate a late dinner tonight, but that's not such a big deal, given the huge brunch we had and the mid-afternoon beignets at Cafe du Monde. I suppose it would be prudent of me to have one of my food bars before we go out, however, given that we expect to eat at the end of the evening, rather than at the start.