September 17th, 2008

WSFS Captain 5

Just In Case

Although I'm much better than I was several weeks ago when I first got the dizziness and double vision, my eyes still won't track together completely, and I'm still subject to slight disorientation, as Cheryl can attest to the slightly wobbly way I walk. So as the first issue is with the eyes, I've requested an appointment with the opthamologist who first examined my eyes after my diabetes diagnosis. (I'm overdue for a diabetic eye exam anyway, although the optometrist who prescribed my new glasses a few months ago also did routine tests involving dilating my eyes and so forth.)

There are all sorts of unfortunate things possible here, such as Vestibular Neuritis. The good news is that such things normally get better over time. The bad news is that it sometimes takes a long time, and sometimes never really goes away; you just get to spend the rest of your life slightly off-balance.
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