September 21st, 2008


SF in SF

I went up to the SF in SF reading tonight to listen to nihilistic_kid and davidlevine read short stories and talk about them. As with the last time I went up there, Raven O'Neill showed up for the reading, looking pretty as usual. I had my camera with me at Cheryl's request, to take pictures of the participants in the reading, so I also took pictures of Raven, posing with some of the more interesting characters present at the reading.

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After the reading, Raven and I walked up toward Union Square, had a late dinner, and talked about our various travels. She said she plans to be at SiliCon. Then we walked back down toward the Powell Street BART station, where I bade her good night at the Borders store on Union Square and made my way back home via BART.
Giants Fanatic

Beat LA!

When you're a Giants fan, the first thing you want is for your team to win. The next-highest priority is having the Dodgers lose. When your team is eliminated from post-season play, the next-best thing is to eliminate the Dodgers from making the playoffs, too. Over the years, both teams have managed to ruin the other one's season that way. This year, it's all we Giants fans have left, as the Dodgers are scrambling to make the playoffs and the Giants have been mathematically eliminated.

Today was one of those classic defensive struggles. I listened to the last few innings while out on a walk around Quarry Lakes as the game went scoreless into extra innings. The Giants managed to win the game 1-0 in eleven innings, and the Dodgers are only 2 1/2 games ahead of the Diamondbacks as we go into the last week of the season.

The Giants host the Dodgers next weekend to finish the season. I figured I'd attended my last game of the year already, but now I'm considering getting a ticket next Sunday on Fan Appreciation Day. Besides the chance at prizes, there's a chance that we could be in a position to keep LA out of the post season. We'll see how things develop.
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