September 24th, 2008

Hugo Trophy

Rocket Re-Launched

My thanks to bigblued for making some modifications to the Hugo Award Rocket specification sheet, and to Cheryl for uploading the revised version to the Hugo Awards web site. The revised version includes the metric equivalent measurements (except for the screw pitch, for which you must not use a metric thread, as some committees have discovered to their dismay) and revises the legal disclaimer to what we really mean. (The design isn't confidential, but it is a service mark of WSFS.)
Conrunner Kevin

Walking the Walk

Although the company that sent me the wrong pedometers never e-mailed me to tell me what was going on, I today received a replacement pair of (metric) pedometers from them, in a box that included a smaller, postage-paid box in which I will return the original mis-shipped set. That's actually pretty good service. I'll take the box with me to the post office after lunch today -- I need the excuse to get out and walk anyway.
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Giants Fanatic

Snow in September?

The less said about tonight's game against the Rockies, the better, but we did hear a minor nice bit of news: J.T. Snow will retire as a Giant after signing a one-day contract that will see him take the field at the start of Saturday night's game. Snow, who was a Giants fixture for years, finished his active career with a lackluster half-season with the Red Sox, but has since then had a number of jobs with the Giants, including some good turns in the broadcast booth. His career stats will now show 1 appearance in 2008 and that he will officially retire thereafter.

Apparently, Snow won't actually actively play in the game or come to the plate, as the plan is for him to be subbed out before the first pitch, which is too bad. It is at least technically possible that this weekend's games against the Dodgers will be meaningful, although right now it's looking as though the hated Dodgers will have clinched at least a tie for the division by the end of tonight.