October 2nd, 2008

Conrunner Kevin

Get Ready to Get Dirty

Last night, I saw broadcast for the first time this ad for the new series of the Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs. I'd seen it earlier on YouTube. If you watch it or see it, watch carefully as the guys in gray shirts hoisting plungers come marching in. One of them is edgreen86. Specifically, in the brief tight shot of the marching plunger-men, the one on the right with glasses, and with his shirt unbuttoned and showing his undershirt, is Ed. Also, as the commercial ends and the marching plunger-men stop, that's Ed standing to Mike Rowe's left.

Hooray for Ed!
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Pensive Kevin

Two Steps Forward, One Back

Driving to work today, I could feel a significant improvement in my van's performance. It doesn't vibrate anymore (that was caused by misfiring cylinders) and it accelerates faster.

OTOH, when I pulled out onto the freeway, the Service Engine Soon light came on. Argh! Oh, well, I have to take it back on Tuesday to have the rest of the work done anyway, so I can tell my mechanic and he can investigate. With luck it will be something minor or included with what he still has to replace anyway.
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Match Game SF

SiliCon Set-Up

I got an e-mail this morning about our technical set-up for Match Game SF this Sunday, and they've told me to be there at least an hour early because we have complicated tech needs and they'll need all of that time. Any of the other crew who want to be there an hour early (1 PM, Siskyou/Donner Pass Ballroom) are welcome -- I will put y'all to work on set-up so that we have things running smoothly, I hope.

I was supposed to print the question cards this evening after work, but I have no blank index cards. I thought they were in my office, but they are not here. If I can't find the >450 blank cards I have at home, I'll have to buy another set and print cards tomorrow before I leave the office for SiliCon, which will be a pain.