October 11th, 2008

Kevin and Lisa

And Away We Go Again

Not being in such a crushing hurry this morning, I figured that I would take full advantage of the the time I rented in my hotel room and took it relatively easy, making breakfast (cereal and coffee) and sitting back a bit. But it's time to be off again, so I'm shutting down and heading for Mehama. I don't know when I'll next be online. It might not be until Monday morning, although there are things I should be doing for work on Sunday as an exchange against having left at Noon yesterday.
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Formula 1

Racing to Oregon

The drive from Medford to Mehama was uneventful, but I allowed a train to distract me. After eating lunch at Cottage Grove, I was refueling the van when I heard a train whistle along the Central Oregon & Pacific line a short distance away. I decided to investigate, and consequently lost more time -- I'd left Medford later than usual, and forgot to budget time for lunch -- chasing after and photographing the CORP train.

When I got to Mehama, Lisa asked if we could go up to Wilsonville and the Fry's store there. Turns out the thing she wanted to buy that she'd seen last Wednesday was discontinued on Thursday -- discontinued as in "pull existing supplies off shelves and send them back." And Lisa was very annoyed by a sneering sales clerk, enough to where she went and complained to a manager about it.

After the fruitless Fry's trip, we stopped for dinner at a sushi-track restaurant nearby that Lisa likes, then headed back toward Mehama, stopping for groceries in Salem. I'd mentioned to Lisa that I wanted to watch the Japanese Grand Prix, which started at 9 PM local time here; however, by the time we got back to Mehama, the race was half over. We did go over to her father's house where the cable TV was and tuned in the race, and I did watch the last half, but I saw that I'd missed all of the excitement at the start. Oh, well. Looks like I might get to see next weekend's race, because I think the hotel in Medford has Speed Channel.

I didn't get on-line because my father-in-law had turned off his computer network and I didn't want to disturb him any more than I had by coming in so late. (I'm composing this entry the following evening.)