October 14th, 2008

Kevin and Lisa

Roof Repairs

As I mentioned, Lisa and I spent all day Sunday working on the roof of her family's old homestead. Nobody actually lives in the house anymore, but many things are stored in it. The roof is covered in moss and it has a number of large holes in it. While it's not possible at this time to completely replace the roof, Lisa decided to at least try to knock more moss off the roof and lay plastic sheeting over the holes. Her original plan was to try and over the entire north face of the roof with a very large plastic sheet that she had obtained, but she abandoned that plan because it would have probably have required at least one more full day of work.

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The full set of photos from the day on the roof are on my Flickr site.

After a very long day, Lisa sent me over to Lyons to fetch a pizza for dinner, and I gladly obliged. After dinner, I left her to get cleaned up while I went to her father's house to get work from my paying job done.
Not Sensible

When the Revolution Comes, I'll Be One of Those Against the Wall

Pointing to this because it's a comment to a many-days-old posting, which means it's ancient history: I'm obviously completely deluded because I think the Democratic candidates for the Presidency and Vice Presidency have more than a handful of brain cells to rub together and that the Republicans' VP candidate is positively dangerous -- just as dangerous as the man currently sitting in the Oval Office.

I said it in my comment there and I'll say it here: I'm not 100% thrilled with the thought of an Obama presidency on economic grounds, but I think that the creeping loss of personal liberty in this country may be slowed by it more than another four years of Imperial Presidency.

It really is a pity that people are so polarized as to believe that there can be only One True Way, and that you are either 100% in agreement with me, or you are The Enemy. But then again, we've seen that in Fandom, which seems to attract more than its fair share of people who are incapable of making fine distinctions, and who live in a binary-state world.