October 16th, 2008

Kevin and Lisa

Lost in Transmission

Yesterday's chore here was the remove the transmission from Lisa's 1972 pickup truck. As I previously reported, while she was driving back from Marcon earlier this year, the truck lost 5th gear and reverse when she was within four hours of getting home (so she just kept going and didn't stop anywhere she would have to back up) and it has been sitting in the garage awaiting repair. The plan was for us to remove the transmission and take it to a Datsun/Nissan specialist in Portland tomorrow who would rebuild it. My help primarily consisted of fetching tools and holding a rope tied to the transmission while sitting in the cab of the pickup while Lisa worked underneath to free the transmission.

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I've tried to reassure Lisa that we are getting some things accomplished this week. In fact, I feel like we've been very productive. That still doesn't mean Lisa has to be happy about the setback with her little pickup. As she puts it, her confidence isn't at a high right now. Not being able to get any decent sleep doesn't help at all.

In about an hour, we'll go into Salem and see the ENT specialist to see if he has any more suggestions about what to do about the tinnitus.
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Hugo Trophy

Issue Non-Issue

With Anticipation using its authority to create a Special Hugo Category, there may be some questions about what exactly is eligible for Best Graphic Story next year. As you'll see by my reply, I don't think it's a particularly difficult question because there's plenty of precedent in the prose and dramatic fiction categories, and no reason to believe that Graphic Story need be interpreted any differently, since any general Hugo Award provision applies unless stated otherwise in the specific rule.