October 18th, 2008

Kevin and Lisa

Exit Mehama

Lisa's father needs to shut down his computer network to do some repairs, and I need to get going anyway. Tonight's destination is Medford.
Conrunner Kevin

What's a Platinum Card Worth?

The drive down to Medford was uneventful (that's good) and relatively quick. (I find that I averaged 45 MPH driving from Mehama to Medford, which considering that I stopped several times, including half an hour for lunch and also to buy stuff for dinner tonight, is pretty good. The way I travel, it's really difficult for me to average much faster than that.)

I once again find myself in a one-bedroom suite at the Candlewood Suites Medford. I now know a little bit about what having a Platinum card in the Priority Club is worth, because this room (and the one I had going the other way, which was two doors down from where I am tonight) are one-bedroom suites, upgraded from the ordinary studio suite which I reserved and paid for. Thus, checking their rates, I see that my card has a notional value of $30-$40/night worth of upgrades here, subject to availability. Nice when the upgrades work. One of the hotels at Montreal next year is a Holiday Inn -- I wonder if I'll get upgraded there, too, if I book it.
Kevin and Lisa


While unpacking my things, I realized that while I'd remembered to pack away my overnight kit, I'd left behind my "travel medicine" bag, which I'd put in the medicine cabinet in Mehama. Fortunately, that's only a week's supply of medication; the main supply is in Fremont. I'll only miss a single day's dose of my high blood pressure and cholesterol-raising [sic] medications, which is not too big a deal.

I'll give Lisa a call and tell her not to worry about finding the medication bottles in the cabinet.
Formula 1

Non-First-Class Hotels Have Better Channel Selections

It seems to me that the high-end hotels end up with a very limited selection of television channels, while those in the next tier down just take the local cable selection, and therefore end up with more channels. Thus this Candlewood Suites has Speed Channel, so I can watch the Chinese Grand Prix live from my hotel room tonight, albeit at the expense of losing just a little sleep.

Meanwhile, the hotel's wireless connection went flaky on me after I came back from putting in a half hour on the treadmill after dinner. The front desk helpfully loaned me an ethernet cable for their wired connection (I left my cable at home). The connection in the bedroom didn't work, but the one in the living room did, so I guess I'll be okay.