October 19th, 2008

Formula 1

Returning to the Freeway, Which is Already in Progress

I did indeed manage to watch parts of the F1 GP last night; however, only the start, finish, and a bit in the middle, on account of falling asleep the rest of the time.

I'm shutting down the computer in a couple of minutes and heading south again. Unlike yesterday's gentle jaunt, today is a pretty full day of driving, so I don't expect to be back to Fremont until pretty late.
Conrunner Kevin

End of the Road

I pulled into the driveway at 7:45 PM, almost exactly nine hours since I left Medford. Average speed including stops: 45 MPH. And, as always, there were many stops. The longest single stint without a stop was about two hours; my legs start cramping up if I don't stop and walk a little bit.

There was one drawback to staying at the Candlewood -- you only get half credit in the Priority Club program. They're running a promotion right now that doubles base points, which puts it back up to full credit, but my Platinum bonus is based on the base points only. I'll have to remember to bear this in mind when making plans that require only a single night stay. For an extended stay, I'd certainly choose Candlewood Suites again.