October 23rd, 2008


WFC Date Change Does Not Cause World to End

I'm nervous when we put out a major announcement coupled with a new web site launch. Last night, the WFC date change and roll out of the new 2009 World Fantasy Con website was the second time in the past year we've done that. (The first was the launch of the Westercon San Jose 2011 bid website.) Aside from the fact that I double-typoed the dates in the short-form announcement on the web site (and thus the RSS feeds got the wrong dates because they don't get new copies when you fix the immediately-noticed error), things seem to be going all right so far. Here's hoping that we haven't outraged the people who have already bought memberships -- we are, as you'll have seen, offering unconditional refunds to anyone who bought memberships prior to the announcement and who can't attend because we've moved the dates a week earlier. And because you can't book airline flights more than a year in advance, I assume we haven't wrecked anyone's previously-purchased tickets to San Jose.