October 26th, 2008


Nice Quiet Day

One minor advantage of not going to WFC (and now not going to CA Steampunk either) next weekend is that a fair number of things we might have been doing here to get ready don't have to be done at all. Therefore, we had no stress today, taking it relatively easy, watching the Currie Cup final (South African rugby union championship), enjoying the chocolate croissants we bought in San Francisco yesterday evening, going out and doing some shopping, and then taking a walk around Quarry Lakes after lunch -- we both having agreed that an hour's walk in the park was far better than watching the 49ers continue to get thumped.

I'm also getting a few bits of paying work done, so that the people who have to make decisions based on what I do have the questions in front of them when they get to their e-mail tomorrow morning east coast time.
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Back on Steam

Thanks to bovil, I learned that a limited number of admissions to the California Steampunk Convention were put on sale this evening. I snapped up two of them for Cheryl and me. The counter on the web site is obviously not updated in real time, as it still read "Only 98 Advanced Purchase Passes Left at This Price" even after I bought two of them. They also claim that "A LIMITED number of on site purchase tickets will be available for $70."