October 31st, 2008

WSFS Captain 2

Captain On Deck

It's repeating a costume used before, but I have it on hand and it still fits, so I'm in my WSFS uniform and will be heading to the office in a few minutes. Happy Halloween!
WSFS Captain 4

Up to Steam

I was fortunately able to get away from work early today thanks to one project being canceled around lunch. Thus Cheryl and I were able to zip down to Sunnyvale in the carpool lane to register for Steam Powered, the California Steampunk Convention. When we arrived at the Domain Hotel, we were politely informed by a convention staffer in the parking lot that parking was restricted to hotel guests only. He pointed us to an overflow hotel a half-mile away and talked of shuttle buses. We instead drove a short distance away and found street parking. Here's hope we'll be able to find a spot so easily tomorrow.

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Cheryl had gone off to explore a bit while I enthused, and when she came back, we went around the Dealers Room, where she bought me books and we looked at many other things that would be nice to have but we can't afford at this time. You can read more in her Day 1 Report.

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We were not really up to sticking around for this evening's dance, and we needed to have dinner, so at johnnyeponymous's suggestion we headed out to a nearby Mongolian BBQ for an excellent dinner, after which we returned home. Sort of boring of us, I know, but we have to be up early if we want to see Chris's 10 AM panel, and since our decision to attend CA Steampunk was on short notice after the WFC trip was scrubbed, we did not and could not make hotel arrangements at the Domain.

The Domain looks like it should be a decent hotel for smaller, focused conventions like next year's Potlatch, but parking is certainly an issue unless you don't mind parking a few blocks away on the street and walking. I hope it isn't raining tomorrow morning when we get there.