November 2nd, 2008

Hugo Trophy

WFA Live Blog

In just a few minutes, we'll be starting the World Fantasy Awards live blog at SF AwardsWatch. Cheryl and I are of course still down in California, depending on gigica to send us the results by text message as they are announced. As Cheryl noted, we wouldn't have been able to live-blog on site anyway because there's no internet connection in the banquet room, boo, hiss.

I put up the Hugo photo because I don't really have a good icon for "awards in general."
Hugo Trophy

In the Books

And there's our WFA Blogcast done.

As you'll see if you look at it, we were also dealing with a plumber come to unclog the complex's common drains that have backed up into our respective bathtubs this morning. (Fortunately, not backed up sufficiently to get out of the tub or shower compartments and onto the floor.)

We were happy to see that a little over a dozen people "tuned in" for the blog. Sending text messages back and forth to each other while we sat in the same room across our desks here at the SFAW West Coast Studio would have been silly.
Conrunner Kevin

Pipes Cleared

After a monumental three-hour struggle with the plumbing in our unit and the common drains for the building, Jovan the Plumber (no joke) finally got things cleared out and the bathtubs running clear again. Having to stick around for the Battle of the Bathtub did mean that we couldn't get back down to Steam Powered this afternoon, which is too bad, because to be fair, I wanted to give Alex Foglio a copy of the picture of her and her father I took yesterday, given that I'd given her brother a copy of the one from the day before. Still, it means we will still be able to get to our planned dinner in Mountain View, where Cheryl has arranged to meet up with Ann & Jeff Vandermeer.

Update, 20:45: Fixed photo link.